Facial Abuse Beth Gets Face Fucked
Beth Gets Fucked
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Beth Gets Face Fucked On Facial Abuse

Beth was the kind of emo whore you would see hanging out at the local shopping mall, buying stupid band t-shirts and writing stupid poetry about how bad her life is. When she hit the Facial Abuse studio and met Duke Skywalker and Bootleg, she had no idea that her life was about to get even rougher...literally.

Beth had an average looking face, moronic neon red hair and a pretty decent pair of tits. They weren't too big or too small. They were perfect handfuls with nipples that could be used as pencil erasers. In essence, she had some nice tits that made up for her lack of visual excellence elsewhere.

Right away, Bootleg took the hooker down a few notches by shoving his middle-aged dick deep down her throat. She slobbered, drooled, puked, gagged and made some horrible noises that could only be mimicked by a barking seal. Her throat was fucked in all different positions until she couldn't take it anymore.

The redheaded whore Beth (who's carpet definitely didn't match the drapes) got on the couch and put her ass in the air. Bootleg of course stepped in and punished her pussy like a bad girl. He drilled her vagina hard and deep as she shrieked like a banshee with a headache. As she went for a ride on his dong, the tickler spanked her ass multiple times, leaving a nice "SLUT" imprint. It quickly reddened making it a true scarlet letter.

A whore like this can only be used and abused so long before you just want her to get the fuck out of your face. Once Bootleg had enough, she was dropped onto the puke covered floor, as multiple giggle sticks dumped creamy loads of cum on her sloppy face. Just like that, Beth was kicked to the curb and the guys went on the hunt for America's Next Top Whore.

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